My Setup

Here for your amusement and information are a couple of pictures and a diagram of my Dish Network setup.
UPDATED December 2008!

This is my wiring diagram after adding the 1000.4 "Eastern Arc" dish to my setup. My ViP-622 DVR is fed directly from the "1k.4" dish, my ViP-211 is fed from the "1k.4" via a DPP44 that adds the 119 feeds.
(Why add 119? Because I had the parts and couldn't think why not!)

My 1000.4 replaced an old faded dish 500 that was aimed at 61.5 (and for several months, 61.5 and 72.7).
My SD receivers are fed from the DP44 which can receive all four feeds from the Dish 1000+. These receivers don't need 118 or 129 but the dish is there so the feeds are connected. (Why not?)

Just before the DPP44 the 110 feed is split off (using a DP Splitter) and the unpowered split is fed back outside to my 1k.4 dish. This works and I can watch channels from 110 on my ViPs but because of the unpowered split the LNB shows up as "N.C." on the point dish screen (excellent signal but no LNB seen).

OTA goes to the living room with the ViP-211 feed using diplexers. The home distribution output of my ViP-622 DVR is fed back to the basement via tha ViP-622's feed line. Two coaxes to the living room. A third set of diplexers is in use to feed OTA/DPP44 feeds to a TV/301 in the family room.

Not overly complicated but it works!
2006 Pictures

Freshly installed (before cleaning up the wiring) is my Dish 1000 Plus. Beside it is the Dish500 that I was previously using to receive HD from 129.

Another angle. In the background is my 61.5 "wing" dish which I also have available.

This was my wiring plan as of January 2006 ... note the HD DVR in the diagram, which is a ViP-622. I was still waiting for the '622 when I completed this drawing.
Since then I have added the Dish1000+, which is not in this diagram. I set the DPP44 inputs as 119, 110, 61.5 and 129. The DP21s on my 501 and ViP-211 added 118 to the mix. At the time of this drawing my locals were on 105 ... they have now moved to a spotbeam on 119 after it was vacated by channel moves to 110.
The second UHF antenna was been removed from the system since during the summer and daytime trees and distance block reception of DT21.