Dish Network Coverage from 77

The following diagrams are based on the FCC/ITU filings for EchoStar 8, EchoStar 4 and EchoStar 1.
This satellite location is currently used for local channels in SD or HD and DISH Latino channels.
(8 transponders at 77 are currently dedicated to DISH Mexico service.)
The satellites at this slot are scheduled to be replaced in 2011 by Quetzsat 1.
Note: EchoStar 8 suffered an anomily on January 30th, 2011, and may no longer be in service.
EchoStar 6 has been moved to 77 and has a similar coverage pattern.

Conus coverage of EchoStar 8 at 77 - High Power Beam (Current Coverage from EchoStar 6 is similar)

Other Options:

EchoStar 8 at 77 - Medium Power (out of service)

EchoStar 1 at 77 - ConUS (backup)

Mexico coverage of EchoStar 1 at 77 (DISH Mexico service sold in Mexico)

Other Options:

EchoStar 8 at 77 - Mexico

EchoStar 4 at 77 - Mexico
Note: Aproximate dish size needed for reception (all maps) -
Inside red line, 70cm (27"); inside blue area 80cm (31"); inside yellow area 90cm (35").