Dish Network Spotbeam Coverage from 119

Spotbeam Maps
Uplinks to Echostar 14 at 119
Spot MapTIDSpotCoverage Area Uplink
6001 1s B22Puerto Rico01 Cheyenne
6101 1s A24Alaska01 Gilbert
6161 1s A26Cuba07 Gilbert
6191 1s A27Hawaii15 Gilbert
6201 1s B03Las Vegas01 Spokane
6291 1s A21Butte15 Spokane
6291 1s B02MedfordAlt15 Spokane
6301 1s A13Shreveport01 New Braunfels
6381 1s A07Sioux FallsAlt09 New Braunfels
6391 1s A20Tampa15 New Braunfels
6401 1s A11Lansing01 Monee
6491 1s A07Sioux Falls15 Monee
6491 1s A23El PasoAlt15 Monee
6501 1s A15Hartford01 Mount Jackson
6571 1s A17GreenvilleAlt08 Mount Jackson
6591 1s A17Greenville15 Mount Jackson
6002 2s B04San Diego02 Cheyenne
6002 2s A08Kansas CityAlt02 Cheyenne
6102 2s A08Kansas City02 Gilbert
6102 2s A25AlaskaAlt02 Gilbert
6142 2s A19Orlando06 Gilbert
6152 2s A28Hawaii12 Gilbert
6202 2s A03Spokane02 Spokane
6252 2s A02San Fransisco12 Spokane
6302 2s A14New Orleans02 New Braunfels
6302 2s A10Corpus CristiAlt02 New Braunfels
6352 2s A10Corpus Cristi12 New Braunfels
6352 2s A14New OrleansAlt12 New Braunfels
6402 2s A12Columbus02 Monee
6452 2s B08Albuqerque12 Monee
6502 2s A16Bangor02 Mount Jackson
6552 2s A18Raleigh12 Mount Jackson
6592 2s B20Fort MyersAlt16 Mount Jackson
6003 3s B07Denver03 Cheyenne
6003 3s B22Puerto RicoAlt03 Cheyenne
6103 3s A24Alaska03 Gilbert
6193 3s A27Hawaii17 Gilbert
6203 3s B03Las Vegas03 Spokane
6293 3s B02Meford17 Spokane
6303 3s B10Houston03 New Braunfels
6393 3s B07DenverAlt17 New Braunfels
6403 3s B13Springfield03 Monee
6493 3s B15Birmingham17 Monee
6493 3s B13SpringfieldAlt17 Monee
6503 3s B16Philadelphia03 Mount Jackson
6573 3s A17GreenvilleAlt10 Mount Jackson
6593 3s B21Miami17 Mount Jackson
6004 4s B23Puerto Rico04 Cheyenne
6104 4s A25Alaska04 Gilbert
6144 4s B09Oklahoma CityAlt08 Gilbert
6154 4s A28Hawaii14 Gilbert
6204 4s A03Spokane04 Spokane
6254 4s A02San Fransisco14 Spokane
6304 4s A05Phoenix04 New Braunfels
6354 4s A09Dallas14 New Braunfels
6354 4s B11San AntonioAlt14 New Braunfels
6404 4s B12Madison04 Monee
6454 4s B14Nashville14 Monee
6504 4s B17New York04 Mount Jackson
6554 4s B18Savannah14 Mount Jackson
6594 4s B20Fort Myers18 Mount Jackson
6005 5s B22Puerto Rico05 Cheyenne
6105 5s A24Alaska05 Gilbert
6165 5s A22Flagstaff11 Gilbert
6195 5s A27Hawaii19 Gilbert
6205 5s A04Fresno05 Spokane
6205 5s A01SeattleAlt05 Spokane
6295 5s A01Seattle19 Spokane
6295 5s A04FresnoAlt19 Spokane
6305 5s B10Houston05 New Braunfels
6385 5s A07Sioux FallsAlt13 New Braunfels
6395 5s A20Tampa19 New Braunfels
6405 5s B13Springfield05 Monee
6405 5s A11LansingAlt05 Monee
6495 5s B15Birmingham19 Monee
6505 5s B16Philadelphia05 Mount Jackson
6595 5s A26Cuba19 Mount Jackson
6006 6s B09Oklahoma City06 Cheyenne
6156 6s B11San Antonio16 Gilbert
6206 6s A03Spokane06 Spokane
6256 6s A02San Fransisco16 Spokane
6306 6s A05Phoenix06 New Braunfels
6406 6s B12Madison06 Monee
6456 6s B14Nashville16 Monee
6506 6s B17New York06 Mount Jackson
6556 6s B18Savannah16 Mount Jackson
 Transponder 6 is currently used for ConUS coverage.
6007 7s B22Puerto Rico07 Cheyenne
6197 7s A23El Paso21 Gilbert
6207 7s A04Fresno07 Spokane
6297 7s A01Seattle21 Spokane
6307 7s A13Shreveport07 New Braunfels
6397 7s A17Greenville21 New Braunfels
6407 7s A11Lansing07 Monee
6497 7s A07Sioux Falls21 Monee
6507 7s A15Hartford07 Mount Jackson
6597 7s B21Miami21 Mount Jackson
 Transponder 7 is currently used for ConUS coverage.
6008 8s B04San Diego08 Cheyenne
6108 8s A06Bismark08 Gilbert
6158 8s B11San Antonio18 Gilbert
6208 8s B01Bend08 Spokane
6308 8s A14New Orleans08 New Braunfels
6408 8s A12Columbus08 Monee
6458 8s B09Oklahoma City18 Monee
6508 8s B17New York08 Mount Jackson
 Transponder 8 is currently used for ConUS coverage.
6009 9s B07Denver09 Cheyenne
6109 9s B19Jacksonville09 Gilbert
6209 9s A04Fresno09 Spokane
6309 9s A13Shreveport09 New Braunfels
6379 9s B05Duluth-Superior16 New Braunfels
6409 9s A11Lansing09 Monee
6509 9s B16Philadelphia09 Mount Jackson
 Transponder 9 is currently used for ConUS coverage.
601010s B09Oklahoma City10 Cheyenne
611010s A25Alaska10 Gilbert
621010s B01Bend10 Spokane
626010s B06Salt Lake20 Spokane
631010s A14New Orleans10 New Braunfels
641010s B12Madison10 Monee
646010s B14Nashville20 Monee
651010s B17New York10 Mount Jackson
656010s B18Savannah20 Mount Jackson
 Transponder 10 is currently used for ConUS coverage.
601111s B07Denver11 Cheyenne
621111s A04Fresno11 Spokane
631111s B10Houston11 New Braunfels
638111s A17Greenville18 New Braunfels
641111s B13Springfield11 Monee
651111s B16Philadelphia11 Mount Jackson
 Transponder 11 is currently used for ConUS coverage.
 There are no spots on transponder 12.
601313s A21Butte13 Cheyenne
611313s B19Jacksonville13 Gilbert
621313s B03Las Vegas13 Spokane
631313s A13Shreveport13 New Braunfels
638313s A07Sioux Falls20 New Braunfels
641313s A11Lansing13 Monee
651313s B16Philadelphia13 Mount Jackson
 Transponder 13 is currently used for ConUS coverage.
 Transponders 1-32 can be used for ConUS coverage.
 Transponders 22 through 32 at 119 are licensed to DirecTV.
 (DirecTV operates their on their own satellite fleet.)

 ConUS coverage from E-14 also covers AK, HI and PR.
 Each ConUS feed may be uplinked from Cheyenne or Gilbert.
 Transponders used for ConUS signals may not also be used for spot beams.