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 Dish Network vs DirecTV - HD Channel lists

DISH Network Price Increase
 Package Price History (1995 to Feb 2011 - Prices frozen until 2013)

DISH Network Channel Listings
 DISH Network Channel List (Channels 1-999) *Updated 6:30am ET Every Morning*
 DISH Network Channel List (Channels 1000-9999) *Updated 6:30am ET Every Morning*

 Quick List of Local Channels and EPG Data *Updated 6:30am ET Every Morning*

 DISH Network HD Channel Conversion List with SD channels that can go HD

 DISH Network HD Capacity List where new HD could go
 167 feeds in use, 31 slots available (Western Arc) - Click for details

Western Arc Information
Echostar 14 @ 119 ConUS Coverage

Channels on 119 (ConUS and Spotbeams)
Old Information: Echostar 7 at 119 (Satellite Replaced)
Echostar 14 @ 119 Spotbeam Coverage
Echostar 11 @ 110 ConUS Coverage

Channels on 110 (ConUS and Spotbeams)
Old Information: Echostar 6 and 8 at 110 (Satellites Replaced)
Echostar 10 @ 110 Spotbeam Coverage
Ciel-2 @ 129 ConUS Coverage

Channels on 129 (ConUS and Spotbeams)
Ciel-2 @ 129 Spotbeam Coverage

Eastern Arc Information
Echostar 16 @ 61.5 ConUS Coverage **UPDATED**

Channels on 61.5 (ConUS and Spotbeams)
Echostar 16 @ 61.5 Spotbeam Coverage **UPDATED**

Old Information: Echostar 12 at 61.5 (Satellite Replaced)
Nimiq 5 @ 72.7 ConUS Coverage

Channels on 72.7 (ConUS only)
Echostar 8 @ 77 ConUS Coverage

Channels on 77 (ConUS only)
Note: Not updated for use of Quetzsat 1 at 77

Other Satellites
Channels on 118 Channels on 121 Channels on 148

Click on maps for more information about each location or channel listing for a recent channel list.
Caution: Channel listings may be large (up to 1.6meg)

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The EchoStar Communications Corporation Split
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