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DISH Network Channel Listings
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 DISH Network HD Channel Conversion List with SD channels that can go HD

 DISH Network HD Capacity List where new HD could go
 183 feeds in use, 2 slots available (Western Arc) - Click for details

DISH Network Price Increase
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The HD List: Everyone has their count ... Who has more HD? Decide for yourself!
 Dish Network vs DirecTV - HD Channel lists

Western Arc Information
Echostar 14 @ 119 ConUS Coverage

Channels on 119 (ConUS and Spotbeams)
Old Information: Echostar 7 at 119 (Satellite Replaced)
Echostar 14 @ 119 Spotbeam Coverage
Echostar 11 @ 110 ConUS Coverage

Channels on 110 (ConUS and Spotbeams)
Old Information: Echostar 6 and 8 at 110 (Satellites Replaced)
Echostar 10 @ 110 Spotbeam Coverage
Ciel-2 @ 129 ConUS Coverage

Channels on 129 (ConUS and Spotbeams)
Ciel-2 @ 129 Spotbeam Coverage

Eastern Arc Information
Echostar 16 @ 61.5 ConUS Coverage

Channels on 61.5 (ConUS and Spotbeams)
Echostar 16 @ 61.5 Spotbeam Coverage

Old Information: Echostar 12 at 61.5 (Satellite Replaced)
Nimiq 5 @ 72.7 ConUS Coverage

Channels on 72.7 (ConUS only)
Echostar 8 @ 77 ConUS Coverage

No Longer Used (ConUS only)
Note: Not updated for use of Quetzsat 1 at 77

Other Satellites
Channels on 118 Channels on 121 Channels on 148

Click on maps for more information about each location or channel listing for a recent channel list.
Caution: Channel listings may be large (up to 1.6meg)

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The EchoStar Communications Corporation Split
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